Many of the denizens of Northlands consider Karidon to be their home. Sitting atop the world as the northern most urban city, Karidon has existed for thousands of years. Though in that time, much of its history has been lost.

Karidon is home to a variety of races, including: Humans, Dragonborn, Dwarves, Half-Elves, Goliaths, and gnomes. Most of the races intermingle quite well, though racial tensions are never completely avoided within the city. There is also a temple to Pelor that is led by a sect of Devas. Though very welcoming and open to all who may wish to worship in their temple, the devas typically keep to themselves.

There are also the occasional shifters who wander the streets of Karidon. This would be the only example of wide-spread discrimination that occurs within Karidon’s walls. While some residents of the city give the shifters refuge, there are many who harbor age-old hatred towards them, though no one really knows why.

Rumors abound about its long yet mysterious past. Some claim that Karidon was a gift from the gods, to test the endurance of man. And that those who failed to prove themselves worthy of such a gift, were buried deep within the frozen plains. Others say the city was home to a cunning tribe of hunters who were eventually cursed and banished to the mountains.

Whatever its history, Karidon stands as testament to the resilience of human determination.


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