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The Icemist Mountains encompass a vast portion of the northern continent. Karidon, the northern most city of men, sits in the frigid plains of the Northlands. While being the closest city to the mountains, few have ventured further than Karidon’s borders, since the harsh environment is inhospitable to most creatures of the world.

According to myth, creatures who dwell within the mountains of Icemist, are protected by powers of immense strength. For this reason, there are those who have ventured north, seeking to harness this power… few have ever returned.

There is however a settlement beyond Karidon, at the very base of the Icemist Mountains. The settlement, known as Hindarfall, is said to be home to a tribe of humans, dragonborn, and goliaths that have adapted to the frigid climate. Little is known of Hindarfall and its people, but sightings of lumbering monsters near the settlement lead many to believe it is anything but ordinary.

In recent weeks, the skies above the mountains have grown dark. The once still mist now whips through the peaks, as torrents of bone-chilling wind and snow rush into the Northlands below. Something strange is happening in the Icemist Mountains. Only those brave enough to venture north, will find out what.

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